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As a mental health care provider that works with a holistic and spiritual level, Tyler Woods Ph.D. has spent years working with people with extreme trauma and hardship. Much of her early training was in crisis intervention. She had to learn how to stay calm in the crisis, and how to help people find peace within the crisis. 

Dr. Woods began to work as a psychotherapist for clinics as well as in a private practice. “I realized that clinics treat and street approach pushed one thing, drugs! Traditional counseling did not explore alternatives for mental health issues. It refused to believe that mental health is about not just the mind, but the body and soul,” she says. “Holistic health is about listening to the clients’ needs, it is also about spirituality and learning to walk in peace.”

It was then that Dr. Woods’s aims were to help people heal from mental health issues like depression, anxiety and insomnia while learning how to change their lives through positive healthy living habits and taking a leap of faith. In addition, Dr. Woods uses her holistic and spiritual approach to work with the Tucson Survivors of Suicide group for the past 18 years. Her private practice focuses on examination of the physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic dimensions of individuals to help them work towards an optimum balance to walk in peace.

It wasn't until Tyler experienced her own personal crisis that she came to full fruition that everybody suffers from personal crisis and there is a way to walk in peace. With that knowledge in hand and a personal journey with a variety of spiritual teachers and advisers, Tyler was able to overcome crisis by wrapping herself in the Belly of the Buddha and be open to the experience that mindfulness and willingness can offer.

Tyler is a teacher, author, spiritualist and a keynote speaker. Through her private practice, her books and her speaking engagements, she focuses on helping people through trying times with inspiration and offers a simple approach to take the darkness that life offers and turn it to light.

Belly of The Buddha                           By Tyler Woods Ph.D.
Learning to walk in peace
About the Author
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