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Belly of the Buddha is a simple book that is filled with metaphors and small stories about how to get through life's more difficult times. It is a small treasure that teaches people that one step at a time, they can walk in peace.

"When things are dark... darker than dark, and faith seems lost, imagine the Buddha sitting next to you and you are simply resting in belly of the Buddha. Imagine, curling into that big fat belly of the Buddha and being held there."

Belly of The Buddha                           By Tyler Woods Ph.D.
Learning to walk in peace
Quotes From the Book

When my personal landscape becomes dark and the light is dim, I must remember that the dim light is still faith.

Life unfolds in the present moment.

I like to think that the universe hears all of our thoughts and that it is part of a process whereby we create our experience and our reality with the universe.

Action such as forgiveness and self-expression can help lighten our load and actually motivate us into opening the heart and allowing life energy to flow back through us.

How you look at your world is through the prism of your attitude. 

Your courage and the ability to love is like a lighthouse that allows you to see through the fog of fear and overcome obstacles that fear creates.

When it comes time to walk the path of peace, remember compassion is the middle ground.

​In order to discover who we are and what we want in life, we need to recover and uncover so we have the opportunity to continually discover.

The first step in stopping our suffering is not to say I don't want to suffer rather say I make a choice not to suffer.

Being curious makes your mind active and opens the mind to the gateway of imagination and new possibilities.